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Web Solutions

Professional, affordable website design

Content Management System (CMS):

We develop and maintain CMS for our clients. Content Management System is a dynamic environment that helps to publish, edit and modify content in the website. You can directly store data or images to a CMS and make changes to your website. You can decide yourself which content to put on which side of the website. CMS facilitates the easy handling of a website even by a non technical person. It is user friendly and dynamic in nature which ultimately helps in saving time. Otherwise a lot of time goes into making changes into the website.

It is real-time in nature where you can update contents within seconds. At Svirt zone we do not compromise the comfort of the client with the technical knowledge of the system. Our CMS is flexible in nature to the Web Page Design and its layout. The unique selling proposition of a Content Management System is its simplicity of use.

It is a cost effective solution when compared to deploying a person or an agency to update the contents of the website. Svirt zone empowers you to manage your website at your own terms. When you use CMS, you do not have to wait for days and hours to see the result. Even if the content is not proper, you do not have to wait for a longer time to change it. It is much easier now with the help of CMS. It is a convenient solution at this age of high-price market. At Svirt zone we develop CMS at affordable prices and also manage your CMS within your budget.


At Svirt zone, E-commerce Web Development offer a user-friendly shopping interface to the people. Now-a-days, they are gaining popularity because a user can buy anything from anywhere in the world sitting at the corner of his house. Sometime users find problems in surfing the E-commerce websites and exit them without purchasing anything.

We develop hurdle free websites which can operate in just few seconds. The innovative design of the website and its simplicity attract a user and do not let him go without buying. The web pages do not take long time to open. The user can make payment for the product on the same page itself. This saves a lot of time. This also allows a user to purchase immediately after selecting the product before changing his mind to something else.

Svirt zone integrates the e-commerce site to work seamlessly with your bank and the customer's credit card; ensuring minimal effort from your side as well as your customers’. Shipping, tax, returns, etc. can also be handled simply and conveniently. The complexity of your business should be transparent to your customers. We make purchase experience of the customer hustle free, which enables him to buy from your website again.

Social Websites:

Our team of designers and technicians are experts in creating social websites. These websites are gaining popularity with everybody. Social website is also helpful in running mass campaigns because of the number of people joining it. In present times, everyone surfs the net and is a member of a maximum number of possible social websites. These websites keep them updated about what is happening around the world.

We create such websites for our clients on their demand. While creating these websites we understand the clients’ requirement and then develop them to increase the profitability. These websites give an edge to a company’s business.

Today people are techno savvy and they like to be part of these websites. Due to busy schedule, people remain online and share their thoughts through social websites instead of personal sharing. The social websites have become the 2nd life of a user. He shares and informs the changes in his life to his friends and his friends comment on such statuses immediately. Svirt zone designs such websites with high speed and user friendly interface, which provides comfort to the client.